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    Growing up in Inglewood CA Kushingtothelimit’s style was inspired by Hip-Hop and street culture; apparel in this aesthetic was nowhere to be found in the 80’s. Without adequate clothing options, kushingtothelimit decided to make his own clothes. Friends and strangers took notice of his unique threads, and Kushingtothelimit soon began taking orders. He yearned to take this hobby to the next level and would ask himself the question, “Can I do it?” With more and more demand from the public for his wares, he gained the confidence to move forward. He eventually answered that incessant question, “Yes I can,” and committed himself to the challenge by starting this online store to showcase his creativity.

    Kushingtothelimit’s passion for quality, design and craftsmanship Is second to none and he has global aspirations as he uses celebrity influence to showcase his brand.